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Posted in Otro pedo! by ramonovski on noviembre 27, 2008


Copio y pego desde el post original:

Happy birthday to us!

Some weeks or months ago (we’re not quite sure) we became 5 years old here at The Pirate Bay!

The official birth date of the site is not 100% sure. We’ve been discussing it back and forth the past week and decided that screw it, you don’t need to know which day. We’ll celebrate anyhow!

So, today let’s celebrate the birth of the system that has put people in the government out of jobs, the system that made the White House learn what a torrent is, the system that made George W Bush try to understand what ANAKATA meant, the system that not even corrupt cops can shut down! We’re so happy that you’re all here on our side, fighting for what we believe in!

So, From Sweden With Love — Hipp hipp hurra! Ett fyrfaldigt leve! Vi älskar er!

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